REISSWOLF provides reliable document and data storage services. Information transfer for storage from the companies' premises into the adapted modern storage allows saving office space, reducing personnel costs and furnishing costs, as well as ensuring confidentiality and rapid search for a required document. Storage of the documents and data in suitable storage sites, where fire, video surveillance and recording systems, protection against hacking and effective document management technologies are installed, appropriate microclimate supported and regular audits performed ensure their durability and safety.

For the document administration advanced document management program RWAS is installed, enabling the efficient and secure management of confidential information and data, as well as ensuring flexible adaptation to the individual customer needs.



  • Burglar and fire alarm
  • Access control
  • Video surveillance system with digital recording equipment
  • Modern storage facilities, meeting the appropriate microclimate maintenance requirements
  • Indexing allowing quick search of the archived documents
  • Registration of all actions
  • Screening of the employees
  • Periodic external and internal audits
  • Reduced your labour, insurance, fire and employees safety costs
  • Investments into document keeping equipment and warehouses are not necessary
  • Professional archiving services are received
  • Stability of prices
  • Possibility to calculate the costs accurately
  • Document validity management
  • Focusing on the main competences of the company
  • Individual solutions and help in transferring the raw data
  • Documents indexing optimized according to the needs of the clients
  • Individually tailored search forms database
  • Subject to the agreement, possible different consumer access to certain documents
  • Physical or scanned delivery of the requested documents


Document management program RWAS is created according international REISSWOLF standards, in order to ensure efficient archives' organization and management. Advanced document management program is intended for rapid and safe documents' management, search and updates and is adapted to each client individually. Functionality of the system satisfies the basic consumers' needs, such as user-friendly interface and flexible archives' indexing, constant electronic access to a safe database, recording and tracking possibility, data review and control in real-time and casual data updating and statistics.

RWAS archiving program is created and certified by German independent data safety centre ULD Schleswig-Holstein. Experts approve that REISSWOLF system is in compliance with the international standards of the data safety.



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