Continuous data-processing development and increase in amounts of information had an impact on the emergence of high demand in the field of data archiving. Under these conditions, it was sought to establish a reliable data and related processes management structure, and due to this reason a German company REISSWOLF was established, which serves business, public institutions and individuals. In response to the growing needs for safe services in the German market REISSWOLF Deutschland GmbH was established together with eight partners, whose network currently covers 17 companies.

In the year 1997 successfully implemented company standards went beyond the German borders, as REISSWOLF International GmbH was established. Currently, on the base of Franchise REISSWOLF is represented by 68 companies in 34 countries.


1985 Volker Henning establishes REISSWOLF.
1986 Soon after commencing its activities REISSWOLF Hamburg reached a turnover of 46,000 EUR. In the same year 4 German partners established businesses with REISSWOLF brand.
1987 Under the Franchise 8 companies had been established.
1989 REISSWOLF Deutschland GmbH was established.
1992 17 REISSWOLF partners reflect the growing demand for services in Germany.
1994 REISSWOLF becomes the market leader in Germany.
1997 REISSWOLF International GmbH was established.
1999 REISSWOLF has 37 partners in Europe.
2000 REISSWOLF International was reorganized into a joint stock company. Beginning of physical document management services.
2002 Company founder Volker Henning received an award of the Entrepreneur of the Year.
2003 Journal Wirtschaftswoche and German Federal Education and Research Ministry awards REISSWOLF International GmbH for the best cooperation in the year 2009.
2004 REISSWOLF Group is represented by 41 partners in 13 countries.
2005 REISSWOLF becomes the member of the German Franchise Association and NAID association. The Group is represented by 49 members in 18 countries.
2006 REISSWOLF is represented by 58 partners in 21 countries.
2007 REISSWOLF becomes the European market leader in the sector of documents and data destruction, and in the field of the document management it becomes one of the best five companies in Europe.
2009 The Group continues to grow rapidly. It is represented even in 26 countries. REISSWOLF document management program RWAS is started to be used by the first international partners.
2010 REISSWOLF is joined by new partners in Kosovo, Finland, Belarus, Bulgaria and Turkey.
2011 REISSWOLF presents electronic lock based on RFID technology. Records keeping services partners represent the company in 12 countries.
2012 REISSWOLF archiving company is established in Kazakhstan, Almaty.
2014 REISSWOLF is taking its first steps in Africa, as Angola joins the Group. Also, the Group is joined by companies in Ireland and Macedonia.
2015 The further development of the company - new partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Russia (Moscow) and Lithuania.


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