REISSWOLF provides archiving services according the individual needs of the customers. Effectively systematized documents accelerate work processes and minimize labour costs.


Document and data storage in adapted and modern REISSWOLF stores will enable you to avoid the costs of personnel and furnishing. Confidential documents are managed efficiently, safely and flexibly.


Confidential document and data destruction is in compliance with the international safety standards. Advanced electronic lock system installed in destruction containers guarantees functionality and security.


Document preservation solution covering the document digitization. IT solutions ensure efficiency of the document management and information security.


Many years of experience and the desire to help the customers to reduce their labour costs encouraged to provide such additional services as counselling, transportation, documentation plan preparation and management of the liquidated and bankrupt companies' documents.

Why Reisswolf?

In today's information society companies are constantly faced with problems due to the increasing amount of data and their security needs. Instead of using their material human and financial resources for the data and documents' management, the companies could focus on the implementation of their business objectives, entrusting the data security to qualified professionals! REISSWOLF has many years of experience working in the international market, as well as high safety and quality standards which ensure advanced document and data management solutions. Closed integrated service system allows customizing the security concept for each customer individually and ensures safety.

In response to the market changes and needs, in its services REISSWOLF has adapted new technologies. REISSWOLF offers certified records management program RWAS, which ensures professional data management and unique electronic locking system e. l. sy. guaranteeing document and data security.

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